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April Meeting: We will be meeting 7:30 pm Wednesday, April 18th, at the Franklin Park Conservatory in the Education Pavilion near the south-east corner of the park, next to the old gardeners house (it is marked "D" in the orange section of this Franklin Park map). Rick and Bev Wilson of The Columbus Bonsai Society the will be leading a discussion and demonstration on bonsai. We will be focusing on the combination of traditional bonsai techniques and how they can be applied to growing cactus and succulents. One of the benefits of using succulents is that these are more tolerant of drought, and will require much less regular attention than “standard” bonsai stock.
Our presenters are both active board members of the Columbus Bonsai Society who grow succulents as part of their bonsai 'tree' collections.
The meeting will consist of two parts one focusing on the history, basic techniques, aesthetics, growing, and styles of bonsai. The other part will be a demonstration of pruning on a succulent bonsai. One of the plants used in this demonstration will be a “Jade Plant”. Members who have a plant which they may wish to “bonsai” are encouraged to bring it with you to this meeting.

    Please join us in welcoming Beverlee and Rick Wilson as they take us on an interactive journey to the exciting world of bonsai!

Presenters bio: Beverlee & Rick Wilson – have been active members of the Columbus Bonsai Society since 2010. They both serve on the CBS Board of Directors and particularly enjoy promoting the Art and Horticulture of Bonsai in outreach events for the Club: such as hosting booths at the Ohio State Fair, the Evening of Japanese Culture and Dawes Arboretum. While Beverlee leans toward the artistry and tradition side of Bonsai, Rick is well versed in the horticultural aspects of Bonsai. Rick started early by joining Future Farmers of America (FFA) in High School, learning about successfully growing plants and keeping them healthy. This knowledge is put to good use, as he serves as the Society Tree Curator. As the Librarian for the Society, Beverlee has been building her bonsai knowledge in reading & promoting the use of the Club’s Circulating Library. Parents of six children, Beverlee and Rick, enjoy gardening, kayaking and their Whippets.

 We will also need to go over some of the details of our cactus sale on Saturday, April 28th. This will be a HUGE event: we expect approximately 60 trays of plants from The Glasshouse Works, Groovy Plants Ranch and Bill Hendricks, in addition to the plants, pots, cactus soil, and hypertufa planters provided by our members. It's never too late to make preparations for our annual sale. All members are encouraged to propagate and sell plants from their collections. All participants will receive 80% of the marked prices on their sold plants (10% of the proceeds will go to the Society, and 10% will go to the Conservatory). We will need to review how to properly label items for sale, distribute labels, and most importantly, to get people scheduled to assist with the sale. We are asking for people to assist with:

Inserting price tags and club tags on plants from Bill Hendricks during our setup
Prepping boxes.
Startup on Saturday, April 28th.
Answering inquiries on plant care, Society information, etc.
Refreshing sales tables.
Boxing/bagging purchases.
Refresh sales tables.
Assist with checkout.
Assist with takedown and cleanup.

    As an incentive for members to participate in this event, anyone who volunteers for 4 hours or more, will get their 2018 membership for free (or for those who have already paid for this year, they will get their 2019 dues pre-paid)

Minutes: Our meeting on March 21st at the Franklin Park Conservatory featured a discussion and demonstration on the techniques for propagation of cacti and other succulents. This included a demonstration on several of the techniques for grafting cactus, by Doug Sweet who demonstrated grafting onto an Echinopsis rootstock, and the technique for grafting onto an Opuntia pad by sandwiching the pad between sheets of cardboard to make it easier to handle, leaving only the uppermost tip of the pad exposed to graft onto. Using this technique, the unrooted pad is left unpotted until the graft takes - after which pad can be inserted into soil to root. Harry Gate and Rebecca O'Linn shared their experiences in propagation by cuttings, division and seed propagation. Demonstrations were made with cuttings and offsets of Christmas Cactus, The Rick-Rack Cactus, and a cultivar of the Peanut Cactus.
      Angie Sagan and Doug Sweet shared their experiences with growing cacti and other succulents from seed. Much of Doug's experience lies in growing various Echinopsis hybrids of his own crosses from seed, and over the years, he has raised countless thousands of seedlings. Angie brought in a number of trays of seedlings she has raised, with some seedlings being started in the last few months to seedlings of pachypodiums and adeniums which were about a year old or slightly older. We were all impressed with the amount of growth these plants produced in such a short period of time. Quite contrary to the perception that cactus are extremely slow growing plants, some can grow significantly in just a few months. According to both, growing succulents from seed requires a sterile sealed environment, and rather moist (but not saturated) conditions. Both prefered growing seedlings under fluorescent lights held just above the sealed containers (I believe that the lights were on a timer for 14 to16 hours of light and 8 to 10 hours of darkness). With the soil properly sterilized, and the pots sealed, the seedling pots can be maintained for a year or more, and the seedlings should not be disturbed until they are ready to be transplanted.
   This meeting was attended by a good number of members and numerous guests. I believe everyone who attended brought home one or more of the plants used for demonstration. We thank everyone for attending, and look forward to seeing all of you at our April Meeting.

April Highlights:

Saturday April 7th10:00 am to 4:00 pm, at the Museum of Biological Diversity located at 1315 Kinnear Rd, for their annual open house


10:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday, April 28 at the Franklin Park Conservatory

The Central Ohio Cactus and Succulent Society will be hosting its 2018 spring Cactus and Succulent Sale on Saturday April 28th at the Franklin Park Conservatory in classrooms A,B,C and D on the lower level. Sales will begin at 10:00 am and will continue until 5 pm

  This year we will be featuring a GIGANTIC selection of plants provided by Groovy Plants Ranch, The Glasshouse Works, Bill Hendricks ( president of The Midwest Cactus and Succulent Society), and from the collections of our members. While it is too early to report on the specific species offered, I expect that it will include a good selection of Euphorbias, Gasterias, Haworthias, Aloes, Kalanchoes, and Sansevierias, a selection of winter hardy cacti, Sempervivums and Sedum.

   We offer plants of many sizes, from nice miniatures, suitable for creating your own dish gardens, terrariums, succulent wreaths, and vertical gardens, to larger plants, more suitable for larger pots and planters.  Other items will include a selection of hypertufa planters, cactus soil, pots, books, and decorative rocks. Members of the Society will be available to assist with sales, and to provide tips on how to grow these plants. All plants are in limited supply, so plan to come early for the best selection.

Dues are Due: It is that time of year to request all of our members to send in their membership dues for 2017. Our dues are necessary to maintain the society's membership in the Cactus and Succulent Society of America, our national organization, which funds research, conservation and education on cactus and other succulents, and to provide classroom space for our meetings, sales, and other special events at the Franklin park Conservatory, and speaker fees and other expenses. Members may participate in our shows and sales, and membership may be required for some of our special events and field trips. Annual membership fees are set at 15$ per household, and may be delivered directly to Harry Gate, or Doug Sweet at our monthly meetings, or you may mail your dues made payable to:

Doug Sweet
2470 Roberts Mill Road
London, OH 43140
Please indicate that the check is for the Cactus and Succulent Society Dues.


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