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  We are still working on the details of the 2017 schedule of events and field trips for the Central Ohio Cactus and Succulent Society, and await confirmations from speakers and other venues - our calendar of programs and events is always a work in progress, so we recommend that you re-visit often to get the latest updates and details, and as always, please contact Bruce Brethauer with any additional suggestions for places and events of interest. Some of these events may not be part of the "official" schedule for the Society, but are included as additional points of interest.
Unless stated otherwise, all of our meetings are open to the general public. We encourage visitors to attend and participate in our meetings. If you are interested in learning more about growing cacti and other succulents, please feel free to join us. Special events and field trips to other sites may require pre-registration or an RSVP.

Always remember to check the Newsletter or Calendar pages of our website on the day of our meetings for any last minute updates.



Wednesday, January 18th
We will be meeting Wednesday, January 18th at 7:30pm at the Franklin Park Conservatory. While we have made significant progress in laying down the groundwork for our 2017 schedule of programs at the December meeting, we need to make a few selections, and get speakers scheduled. we will also need to consider ways to optimize our use of social media, and ways to increase our membership

We will not be meeting in February

Wednesday, March 15th
We will be meeting 7:30 pm at the Franklin Park Conservatory. This will be an evening devoted to those who are relatively new to growing cacti and other succulents. We will give demonstrations on potting and repotting plants, and discussing the basic care and feeding of a few representative plants (Aloe vera, the "Jade Plant", "Christmas Cactus",  Sansevierias, for example); following this, we will encourage new members and guests to "Ask the Expert" (the guys from Car Talk would call it "Stump the Chump") to give others an opportunity to share advice based on their experience.

Saturday and Sunday, March 18th & 19th
Midwest Cactus and Succulent Society Show and Sale at the Smith Classroom of the Cleveland Botanical Garden located at:

11030 East Blvd.
Cleveland (Wade Oval)
Parking at CBG $6

The following details come from the Midwest Cactus and Succulent Society Face Book page:

You've waited all year and now it time for
The BIG 2017 MWCSS Plant Show and Sale! Our club members have been working hard over the past is what we'll have available to purchase:
Container Gardens
Specimen Plants
Handmade Containers
Cactus & Succulent Soil

In addition to the show and sale, Bill Hendricks of Klyn Nurseries will present an educational program at 2:30pm daily.

The show, sale and program are FREE with paid CBG admission.
Click link for admission details:

***Please note that the sale accepts cash or check payments only***

Saturday, March 18
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday, March 19
noon - 5 p.m.

More info to follow!


Saturday April 15th Cactus and Succulent Sale

The Central Ohio Cactus and Succulent Society will be hosting its 2017 spring Cactus and Succulent Sale on Saturday April 15th at the Franklin Park Conservatory in classroom C/D on the lower level. Sales will begin at 10:00 am and will continue until 5 pm

   This year we will be featuring a large selection of plants from the collections of our members, with additional plants provided by Bill Hendricks, president of the The Midwest Cactus and Succulent Society, and a selection of succulents provided by The Glasshouse Works. While it is too early to report on the selection of plants, I expect that it will include a good selection of Gasterias, Haworthias, Aloes, Kalanchoes, and Sansevierias with a few choice caudiciforms plants

    We offer plants of many sizes, from nice miniatures, suitable for creating your own dish gardens, terrariums, succulent wreaths, and vertical gardens, to larger plants, more suitable for larger pots and planters.  Other items may include cactus soil, pots, books, and decorative rocks. Members of the Society will be available to assist with sales, and to provide tips on how to grow these plants. All plants are in limited supply, so plan to come early for the best selection.

Cash and checks only - we cannot process payment by credit card.

Wednesday, April 19th

We will be meeting 7:30 pm at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Officers and members will be leading a program on the basic care of cactus and other succulents, and will lead demonstrations (or perhaps workshops) on techniques for potting and repotting plants. Time permitting, we may also present basic information on propagation techniques of cactus and other succulents. This program will be for the benefit of those who are new to the hobby, and who are looking for some introductory guidelines on the "Care and Feeding" of cacti and other succulents. It will be a great opportunity for members to meet and greet those who may be joining us following our April 15th sale.

Saturday, April 22nd, 10 AM to 4 PM. The OSU Museum of Biological Diversity Open House,

1315 Kinnear Rd
Columbus, OH 43212
An exploration of how all living-beings are connected.
The event will be held on Earth Day. Like last year we will have outdoors activities (weather-permitting). Admission and parking will be free. Doors will be open between 10 am - 4 pm.
For the latest updates on the upcoming event, please check our blog, OSU Bio Museum, regularly. Also, enjoy our photo albums from previous Open House events. For the most recent updates, follow our Facebook page and look for the hash tag #MBDOH2017 on Twitter and Instagram.


   Friday, May 5, from 5-8pm
   Saturday, May 6 from 9am-3pm

 Keep this weekend open for the Kingwood Center's annual Garden Discovery Days. This total family event will feature activities for kids and adults alike.  The plant sales will offer a wide variety of both "common" and "exotic" plants.  Vendors will be on hand providing many different items for sale. There will be games and activities for the kids. Wednesday, May 17th

Wednesday, May 17th
We will be meeting at7:30 pm at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Jared Hughes, of Groovy Plants Ranch will lead the program Succulents, An in-Depth Look at the Gems of the Plant World . If you love succulents, or are curious about growing them, you'll want to attend this this meeting. Jared will cover the science of succulents, from selection of plants, to planting, and the "care and feeding" of succulent plants. Learn how to create eye-catching containers that are incredibly easy to create and care for, and enjoy many great images of these unusual and enchanting plants.


Saturday, June 17th

Our June program will be our annual Summer Picnic, this year to be held at Groovy Plants Ranch at 4140 Co Rd 15 in Marengo, Ohio. Join Jared and Linda Hughes at Groovy Plants Ranch for a stroll through their gardens and greenhouses, as they highlight some of the unique plants they grow. They will highlight their collections of winter hardy cacti, Yuccas, and other hardy succulents, as well as selections of  succulent houseplants. Groovy Plants Ranch carries thousands of plants, and many will be available for sale. This will be a Can't miss opportunity for any plant lover.


Wednesday, July 19th
We will be meeting 7:30 pm at the Franklin Park Conservatory.

Debra Knapke, the "Garden Sage" will be the speaker for our meeting at 7:30pm Wednesday, July 19th.

 Debra will be leading the program "Rock Gardening With Succulents, And Other Alpines" The program will concentrate on succulent species such as the "Hens and Chicks", Sedums, Delospermas (the hardy "Ice Plants") and others. In addition, Debra will also discuss some other (non succulent) alpine and rock garden species which may share cultural requirements, and could mix and match well with the hardy succulents. All of these plants are excellent plants for smaller garden spaces and container gardening. Debra will also discuss the cultural requirements of these plants, and will provide some ideas of how to feature them in the garden and patio.


Wednesday, August 16th
We will be meeting 7:30 pm at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Bruce Brethauer will be presenting The Ma Milkweeds, A PowerPoint presentation and discussion of the succulent members of the greater Milkweed Family. Expert grower Jerry Barad once described these plants as the "Orchids of the Succulent World" largely due the remarkably complex adaptations of their specialized flowers. The program will concentrate on some of the more readily available and easier to grow genera, including Ceropegia, Duvalia, Huernia, Matelea, Orbea, Stapelia and others, with some discussion of the more specialized and difficult species. Bruce plans to have rooted cuttings of a number of the plants discussed available to share with members and guests.

this date is tentative, and is subject to change.


Wednesday, September 21st We will be meeting 7:30 pm at the Franklin Park Conservatory.

 Jerry Raack will talk about his bromeliad discoveries, travels in Ecuador, and bromeliad cultivation. Jerry is known internationally for his expertise in the Bromeliaceae - a huge and diverse group of New World plants which includes Aechmea, Billbergia, Cryptanthus ("Earth Stars"), Neoregelia, Tillandsia ("air Plants"),  and of course, the pineapple (Ananas comosus). The majority of species of these genera are epiphytic, growing on the twigs and branches of trees in tropical and semitropical forests: terrestrial species which are adapted to drier environments, and which frequently grow in association with cacti and other succulents include Abromeitiella, Dyckia, and Hechtia.

   Jerry is currently collaborating on a multi volume series on the Bromeliads of Ecuador.

Sunday, September 17th
At 1:00 pm Sunday, September 24th, we will join the Midwest Cactus and Succulent Society at Klyn Nursery located at 3322 South Ridge Road in Perry, Ohio for a combined meeting of the Midwest, Central Ohio, Greater Pittsburgh and Michigan Cactus and Succulent Societies. Bill and Nancy Hendricks will be hosting this event. Curt Hanson will be presenting the program Cacti of Chile and Argentina


Wednesday, October 18th
We will be meeting 7:30 pm at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Rebecca O'Linn (Mouse) will be leading a program on the Epiphytic Cacti and other succulents, including Epiphyllums (Orchid Cactus), Rhipsalis (Mistletoe Cactus), Zygocactus/Schumburgkia (Christmas Cactus), Hoya, Dischidia, and many others. We usually associate cacti and other succulent plants with arid environments, but many species live epiphytically in rainforests, and seasonally wet forests around the world, oftentimes growing side by side with tropical ferns, orchids, bromeliads and other epiphytes. Many are quite familiar and popular plants, and make great subjects for hanging baskets, others may be a bit less familiar, but all are interesting  plants, exhibiting some remarkable adaptations to life in the tree tops. and many produce large and beautiful flowers. In addition to illustrating many epiphytic succulents, "Mouse" will share her experiences and recommendations on how to grow these remarkable plants.


Wednesday, November 15th
We will be meeting 7:30 pm at the Franklin Park Conservatory.

The Central Ohio Cactus and Succulent Society invites you to our meeting meeting on 7:30pm, Wednesday, November 16th, at the Franklin Park Conservatory

 Ken Frieling of the Glasshouse Works - a unique and exceptional mail order nursery which features a huge selection of rare and unusual tropicals, succulents, perennials,  and shrubs, will be the featured guest of this month's meeting, with a discussion of some of the more unusual succulent plants from the offerings of the Glasshouse Works.

   Ken and his staff are amongst a disappearing breed of independent, mail-order nurserymen. They offer the largest selections of rare and unusual tropicals, succulents, bonsai and terrarium plants, and hard to find hardy perennials of any nursery that I have dealt with. Ken's programs combine an eclectic blend ofinformation – including the “care and feeding” of many of the plants in his catalog, discussion of the newest and best plants in its inventory, and the tales gleaned from decades of operating a unique mail order nursery in Southeastern Ohio. Following the program, Ken will offer a selection of plants for sale to Society members and guests.

  This program has been one of the perennial highlights of our year. We invite anyone who is interested in learning more about growing cacti, tropicals, and a variety of other plants, plan to join us for the evening. I request that we all make an effort to invite guests to this meeting so that this will be one of our best attended meetings of the year.

I encourage everyone to examine the Glasshouse Works website, and to forward a list of plants which they would be interested in purchasing to Bruce Brethauer


Wednesday, December 13th
We will be meeting Wednesday, December 13th 6:30
(please note the change in the date and time) at the Franklin Park Conservatory . This is the time of our annual winter potluck. The Society will be providing an entrée, Members are asked to bring a covered side-dish, or dessert to share with other members and guests.

   This is mostly an informal meeting, without a scheduled program; it is a time to visit with friends, and celebrate the holiday season. While at the Conservatory, we encourage you to take some time to view the holiday displays, and tour the Biomes. We will also be electing officers for our 2018 Calendar year, and will be having a planning session for programs for 2018.
Please consider volunteering for one of our officers positions. I am also hopeful that we can get the greater portion of our 2018 programs established by the end of our December meeting so that I can update our 2018 Calendar. Please let us know if you have a program that you would be interested in leading - a travel log, PowerPoint program, a workshop, a demonstration - a "Show and Tell" of some of your favorite succulent plants, - whatever you would like. If there are any gaps in our schedule, I am requesting that we put together a program committee, to complete our 2018 Calendar of Programs and Events.

Always remember to check the Newsletter or Calendar pages of our website on the day of our meetings for any last minute updates.

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