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    Flower Show Rental Contract

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens offers its facilities to non-profit plant societies to exhibit horticultural displays for the purpose of education and enhancing the visitor’s experience.
This Contract Agreement confirms the terms and conditions under which Franklin Park Conservatory has authorized the use of the facilities by a plant society or Garden Club at the date and time and for the purpose hereafter specified. The Client hereby agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Date of Agreement:
Client Information:
Client (name as it should appear in print material):
Event Name:  
Show Chair:
Phone:                                                                        Fax:
Phone:    Fax:
Facilities used for Event:  
Event Description:  
Set-Up Day/Date:
Set-Up Start Time:                                                            Set-Up End Time:  
Show Day/Date:  
Show Time
Unless otherwise indicated above, all plant shows and sales will take place during the following hours:
Set-Up:  5pm – 11pm one day prior to show/sale; 6 am – 9:30am day of,
Show: 10:00 am – 5 p.m. (Saturday & Sunday)
Shows with Saturday judging will open to the public at noon.
Requests for longer or shorter show hours must be approved in writing by the Director of Marketing and Visitor Experience and the Horticulture Director 6 months prior to the events date.
Scheduling and final approval of programs, schedules, dates, and times is at the full discretion of the Conservatory.
Space Rental Fee
Client will not be required to pay the space rental fee, granted the Client has paid its Annual Partnership Due.  The Conservatory reserves the right to charge for additional spaces which meet these criteria, including workshop and judging spaces. Client functions depend on space availability and season. Possible additional charges for items are listed within the paragraphs below.
Room Condition
Following the event, if spaces used by the Client are not returned to the condition in which they were found by the Client, the Conservatory reserves the right to charge the Client for any additional cleaning. The Conservatory has the right to make this determination. An itemized statement of additional cleaning charges will be sent to the Client following the event.
All events are expected to harmonize with the character and mission of the Conservatory. Events may not create any hazard or impose any undue hardship to the Conservatory or its collections, exhibits, facilities, staff or visitors. Events must be in conformance with established Conservatory regulations and must not interfere with operations. This contract is a license for use only and not a right, interest or estate in and to the property.
Space Use
The Client shall not occupy or use the Conservatory or permit the Conservatory to be used or occupied for any purpose, act or thing which is in violation of any law, ordinance, governmental or agency regulation, decree, order or judgment; may be dangerous to
persons or property; or in the Conservatory’s discretion and sole determination is determined by the Conservatory to be unacceptable, immoral or detrimental in any way to the Conservatory’s reputation or position.
Printed Materials
The Conservatory will provide all signage used throughout its building and grounds. This includes directional and event informational signage. Client must submit to the Conservatory Liaison any special signage requests in writing 21 days prior to the event. No additional signage may be posted (printed or handwritten). Any Conservatory staff working the event reserves the right to remove said signs.
Displays and Decorations, Lighting/Music/Entertainment/Special Effects and A/V
The Conservatory holds high aesthetic standards and requests that all space in view of the public be neat and clean at all times. Personal belongings, show supplies, packing materials, boxes, personal refreshments, etc. must be kept out of public view of all show areas. All plant material should be groomed, in top condition and be disease- and pest-free in a manner conforming to Conservatory standards and style. All additional staging items should follow in the aesthetic standards of the Conservatory. These standards also apply to all sales and vendor areas. The Conservatory holds the right to edit staging materials based on content and aesthetic standards. Client must provide a detailed floor plan including details such as staging props at least 1 month in advance of an event. The Conservatory owns a limited quantity of props and audio-visual equipment, which are used by departments throughout the Conservatory. Therefore, equipment requested by Client will be available on a first-come first-served basis. If equipment is unavailable and rental is required, expenses must be borne by the Client. The Conservatory will provide set-up based on the approved floor plan. Additional or last-minute changes should be approved and coordinated through the Conservatory liaison. Said last minute changes will be accommodated as best possible by the Conservatory and may be denied due to lack of staff or prop resources. The Client may provide props, special equipment and decorations, providing they conform to all conservatory standards, requirements and fire codes. If the Client uses linens, colors and materials must be approved prior to set-up. Any and all displays and props utilized by and belonging to the Client must be removed immediately following the event. Unless special arrangements have been made in advance with the Conservatory, any items not removed under these guidelines will be disposed of at the Conservatory’s discretion. The Client and any person that the Client hires or employs may use only lighting to create special effects during the Event unless agreed to by the Conservatory in writing. Any other effects, including fire, smoke or fog, are specifically prohibited. The Conservatory has the authority to forbid the use of any other effects or similar activities not mentioned herein. Toxic materials, open flames, and helium balloons are expressly prohibited. All workshop materials, props, lighting and decorations must comply with Fire and Building Code regulations
The Security staff is on grounds every day, 24 hours a day. Security is there to protect the Conservatory and its collections and not specifically a Client’s items in particular. Should any Client feel that they require additional security staff or equipment to secure their items, it will be solely at the expense of the Client.
Conservatory Staff
The Conservatory will provide the Client the services of the Conservatory liaison for coordination of the event at no charge and Housekeeping within reasonable limits. It is at the discretion of the Conservatory liaison what services are within reasonable limits. However, should the Client require the services of Conservatory staff for the purposes of assisting in the set up or teardown of their Event, the Conservatory reserves the right to charge the Client $35 per hour, per person for such services. Request for such services must be made to the Conservatory liaison at least 1 month prior to the event. Client will not hold the Conservatory liable for any work performed by Conservatory staff under these circumstances (i.e., if a non-Conservatory security camera is hung by Conservatory staff, the Garden is not liable for any items that might be stolen).
Office Equipment
Office equipment is not available for plant society use including fax machine, copy machine, telephones, computer use and general office supplies. Special requests can be made through the Conservatory liaison but only reasonable requests will be honored.  Additional charges for such services or equipment usage will be discussed prior to use and billed to the plant society when necessary.
Other Equipment
The Conservatory will not supply any equipment, other than tables, chairs and items listed on the Materials Request Form for use by the Client during the Event. In addition, the Conservatory will not provide any additional items that might be needed during the set-up or teardown of an Event to the Client (i.e. ladders, tools, etc.). The Client is responsible for bringing in these items themselves.
Clients will be billed after each event for all charges incurred, including any services for cleaning and servicemen.
Once the signed contract is received, the Conservatory will consider the Client’s event confirmed. In the event that either party determines upon reasonable cause, and at its
sole discretion that it is inadvisable to continue with the Event, either party shall have the right to cancel this agreement up to 2 weeks before the Event. In such an event, either party shall notify the other promptly of the cancellation and the reason therefore. If the event is cancelled after the 2 week deadline charges can occur.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The Conservatory and the Client have caused this Agreement to be duly executed as of the date first written above.
Signature: ________________________________________________
Date: __________
Name: ___________________________________________________
Title: Show President
For: _____________________________________________________
Signature: _________________________________________________
Date: __________
Name: ____________________________________________________
Title: Show Chair Person
For: ______________________________________________________
Signature: __________________________________________________
Date: __________
Name: _____________________________________________________
Title: Director of Horticulture
For: Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
Signature: ___________________________________________________
Date: __________
Name: ______________________________________________________

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