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Furcraea selloa v. marginata

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by Harry Gate

    According to Botanica, this genus closely allied to Agave consists of about 12 species of perennial succulents with terminal or basal rosettes of sword-shaped, long fleshy leaves. Large panicles of broad, short-tubed flowers are produced in summer. Bulbils are often borne between the flowers. These plants occur naturally in semi-arid regions of the West Indies, Central and South America.

      Cultivation: Grow in a well-drained soil in full sun. Keep dry in winter. In frosty areas grow in containers in a greenhouse in a dry atmosphere with good ventilation and bright light. Propagate from seed in spring or by division.

   I purchased this plant at the Kingwood Center's conservatory on Saturday, where it is correctly identified in the conservatory but was labeled as an Agave species in the sales room. I will probably never see it flower, though I do hope it produces offsets.

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