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Plant and Seed Sources

Arid Lands

Offers a fantastic selection of succulent species (mostly other than cactus). This still remains one of the greatest sources of the succulent euphorbias of Africa, but also offers good selections of caudex and pachycaul species. Originally this company was exclusively mail order, offering only smaller sized plants, but in recent years, it appears to be expanding into larger sized plants - probably for the Tucson landscaping market, but also available through mail order. Plants are shipped bare root.

Bob Smoley's Gardenworld

Offers a fantastic selection of cacti and other succulents, this source has an especially good selection of Asclepiads, (including Hoyas), Epiphyllums, Sansevierias, and cultivars and hybrids of the Penut Cactus. Many of these plants are offered no where else. Bob Smoley had passed away in the last year, and while his company still is in operation, its greater future is uncertain.

The Glasshouse Works

Offers a huge selection of perennials, and tropical plants, including a very good selection of cacti and other succulents. The webite offers good descriptions and images of the plants offered. They offer a particularly rich selection of Kalanchoes and Sansevierias.

Groovy Plants Ranch

Groovy Plants Ranch began as a mail order nursery/supplier to regional nurseries, but in 2016, has added an on-site nursery store. It specializes in a wide selection of succulent plants - primarily concentrating on leaf succulents, but also including an increasing selection of stem succulents as well. They are also adding to their selection of hardy cacti and other succulents

Mesa Garden

Offers a fantastic selection of seeds representing a huge range of cactus and other succulents. This is presently a text only catalog, with limited notations on growth season and tolerance to cold, and occasionally some specific information on the the distinctive traits of a given collection or clone. Also offers seedlings and rooted cuts of a wide selection of plants. I have found this to be one of the best sources of seeds and seedlings of winter hardy cactus and other succulents.All plants are shipped bare root. Plants and seeds are offered at very reasonable prices

Miles' To Go

This is a great resource, offering a nice selection of reasonably priced cactus seedlings, and seedlings and rooted cuts of other succulents. I always look forward to the latest offerings of the succulent Asclepiadaceae, as Miles offers an interesting selection of these plants. He also offers a good selection of grafted crests. Also check out his selection of hemostats, and tweezers - vital tools for those of us who grow many spiny plants.

Out of Africa

This is a fantastic source of the succulent euphorbias and aloes of Africa and Madagascar, and also offers a remarkable selection of caudex and pachycaul plants. It offers specimen sized plants, seedlings, and intermediate sized plants. While larger sized plants are sold at market prices, the seedlings are still available at very reasonable rates. This is also the place to look for first offerings of recently described species. Many of the plants offered here can be found no where else. Plants are well illustrated with photographs. More often than not, you are seeing images of the very plant you are purchasing - not merely a generic image of a representative plant.

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