About Us

The Central Ohio cactus and Succulent Society was organized in the middle 1970’s by two individuals with private greenhouses who wanted to meet other people who were interested in the study, collection and cultivation of cacti and succulents in the Columbus area. This single table at a Franklin Park Conservatory plant show brought together the people who became the Central Ohio Cactus and Succulent Society. We still meet currently, including some of the original Charter members from that original meeting. We are an affiliate of the National Cactus & Succulent Society of America (CSSA)

We are a very diverse group made up of men and women, teenagers and older, married and singles, housewives, businessmen, students and educated professionals. Member expertise ranges from the beginner eager to learn, to the long time collector who loves to share knowledge and yet will tell you he is still learning. We grow our plants on windowsills, under lights, outside in summer, on porches & in greenhouses.

Monthly Meetings: Meetings are held throughout the year. Advance notice of meeting date and times are posted on our Facebook account.

Programs: Monthly programs are prepared by members on various subjects such as general cactus and succulent care, propagation and disease control; specific plant varieties with their individual habits and care requirements; slide shows and travelogues related to cacti and succulents that further improve everyone’s knowledge of these fascinating plants. Members are encouraged to bring books, catalogs and journals to meetings to share with other members. Through informal discussions we learn new tricks, solve problems, discover new plants and maybe take home a few plants.

 Club Officers

Rebecca “Mouse” O’Linn – President
Doug Sweet – Treasurer
JoEllen Hayes – Membership